Yesterday was Awesome Fun


Map of Powell's on Burnside

Yesterday T. picked me up and we drove down to Portland for the day. Her husband is going to be working down there for a week, and she took him so that she can have the car. After we dropped Hubby off  in Lake Oswego we drove across the Willamette River to The Pendleton Woolen Mill Store.

T who has mad sewing skills wanted to get some Melton wool. That is $24 a yard. She got a beautiful bunch, a blanket for the couch, and another piece of fabric. When we went there everything fabric wise was 30 to 70 percent off. She said that was a great deal. I would have to take her word for it as I cannot sew to save my life.

After we left the wool shop we headed to Powell’s. WOOHOO!!!!! Book heaven. Four floors of books and I think we went to every one. I know we hit the red, purple, orange, yellow, pearl, pink, blue and green rooms. OK so that just might be all. I do not know how many books T got, but I left with six. 

Brighty of the Grand Canyon  by Marguerite Henry. This is not the cover of the book I bought. While I like her stories, and they take me back to my childhood. I love the art work of Westley Dennis. This is the cover of the book I bought.

I got three Sara Dreher mysteries; Shaman’s Moon, Gray Magic, and Something Shady. These can be hard to find books and as I have three books in the series, I got three more.

Tam Lin by Pamela Dean.  I have heard that as I love Charles de Lint I should read Tam Lin. I have been putting it off and putting it off. This time I  had no choice. All of the de Lint books that Powell’s had that I do not have are his chapbooks, and they were $60 each.

Then I got Sometimes She Lets Me. Nuff said.

After we left Powell’s we drive up to Woodland and stopped at Burgerville USA for dinner. Burgerville is my favorite fast food place in the world. T had never eaten there, I got her hooked on the pepper bacon Tillamook cheese burger, the rosemary fries, and to drink she had a chocolate monkey. I had to drink a Timber Joey. Yummy.  I just wish there was one close to home.  Burgerville does a lot of seasonal items, so for the best onion rings in the world I have to wait until the Walla-Walla Sweets are in season.

It was a good day.


4 thoughts on “Yesterday was Awesome Fun

  1. I was introduced to Westley Dennis’ artwork just a couple of years ago – great stuff!

    I got Sometimes She Lets Me recently. I probably read it all in three days, and that’s saying something when you’re chasing around two kids and a dog. I’m just sayin.

    • I have read two stories, I want to take my time on this one.

      I love Dennis’s artwork, the easiest way I have found to get it is buy Henery’s books. Cheating I know.

  2. Fun. I love Burgerville too. I can’t wait to take another trip to Portland.

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