Casablanca Going my Way


Last night was movie night. The girls came over and we had a great feast. I made corned beef, T made brussels sprouts (love those), M/D made pulled pork, and for dessert we had Inside Out Carrot Cake cookies. A good feast.

The movie we watched were Casablanca and Going my Way. We talked through Casablanca, this is the fourth time that I have tried to watch this movie and I just don’t get the hype about it. Nothing about the movie holds my interest, not even Ingrid Bergman, and she was pretty.  When I asked T what she thought about Casablanca she said the same thing. Nothing held her interest.

The second movie Going My Way stared Bing Crosby and Berry Fitzgerald. I loved Fitzgerald as Father Fitzgibbon. Fitzgerald’s role as an old highly traditional priest is a great counter point to Crosby’s younger hip Father O’Malley. This movie also has one of my favorite songs “Swinging on a Star“. It was not until this morning that I read the Wiki link on the movie that I found out  that Going My Way is part of two movies. The sequel The Bells of St. Mary’s is one of my favorite movies of all time. 

Next month we are going to watch The Lost Weekend and The Best Years of Our Lives.  I can’t wait I have always wanted to see The Lost Weekend.


8 thoughts on “Casablanca Going my Way

  1. I wanna get in on this!!!! I lovelovelovelovelove (etc) Going My Way. Barry Fitzgerald was sooooo wonderful, and the chemistry between him and Bing Crosby was always superb, but especially in this movie. “Would ya like to swing on a star…”

    • Movie night is once a month, email is sent out with a date, and potluck theam. We are watching every movie that has won best picture at the oscars starting in 1928. We did skip a few as they are not out on DVD and I would rather slit my wrists than watch Gone With the Wind again. If you lived up here you would be more than welcome to come over.

  2. Also, spiffy new blog look for Spring, madam – awesome!

    • Thank you, I took that picture last year. At the Beaverton OR. farmers market.

    • That sounds like so much fun!! And I’m with ya on Gone With the Wind. Really, what WERE they thinking?????

      • I know. My mom loved that movie. EVERYTIME it was on T.V she had us watch it. Just hearing the opening music gives me hives.

      • In my idea of the movie, when the woman says “Miz Scarlett Miz Scarlett I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies” she is saying it while heaving Scarlett down the stairs and taking over the mansion, from which she leads a standoff against the Confederate forces in the area. It’s how I get through the day knowing movies like that are considered classics. Heh.

  3. My mom loved that movie. Made all of us kids watch it EVERY BLOODY TIME it was on t.v. I even hear the start up music and I get the hives.

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