The Front Porch Prophet

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Last weekend I had quite a few days off, and I spent most of if crocheting. There is nothing wrong with that, I just should have spent some time reading as well. I did not. I left my TBR book in my locker at work and did not want to go back into the hospital to pick it up. I could have finished off any one of the books that I have started, including my Nook book. I did not, I think I was not in the mood to read. Sometime that happens.

Today, I finished off the book that I had on my Nook. I loved The Front Porch Prophet by Raymond L. Atkins. I got it on one of the free Nook Fridays, and was not sure if I would like it at all. Many times the free book is a hit or a big miss. This time it was for me a hit.

A.J’s best friend, Eugene finds out that he has pancreatic cancer and is going to die. This book is about his death, but so much more than that. It is about a life long friendship, marriage, broken marriage, crazy old ladies, a dog or two, and a Drive-In with a name that each week changes.

Parts of the story are told as flashbacks, or more remembrances. A.J. remembers like we all do when someone we know is going to die, things that make their relationship. Pivotal moments that help form who each character is, and why they are that way. One of the memories is about a man with he nickname Brickhead. Brickhead, is a just passing through character but his story is part of A.J and Eugene. One reader on Goodreads thought that this chapter on Brickhead should not have been there. I think that it shows a big part of who A.J and Eugene are.

I would recommend this book to others interested in realistic fiction. I will admit that some of this story is not realistic, but probable. I will be reading other works by this author.


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