This Weekend, and Once Upon a Time


This weekend was so full of things to do that  I do not even know where to start. Sure I do, start with Friday, PAYDAY!!!! Not much exciting happened Friday, I was to have worked but I got cancelled. That for me ment a six-day weekend.  What did I do Friday? I slept all day, cleaned the house, and then went back to bed.

Saturday was a great day, I did some shopping for things that were needed but not to exciting. TP, laundry items, cat litter, and I got corn beef at a dollar a pound. I got three of them. I love corn beef, and as it is usual so much money the three will be a real treat over the summer months.  H called me when I was shopping, she wanted me to go to an SCA bardic event that night with her.  She got to dress me up in a tunic, and we went and listened to store tellers, songs and musicians. Then really neat thing was one man recited the Jabberwocky in Old German. LOVED IT.

Then on Sunday H and I went had breakfast out, then we went to get a pedicure. She got purple, I went with hot pink. Not my normal choise but as it was the first day of spring, I decided why not. I dropped her off at her car so she could go have a second breakfast with her new guy. I went home for an hour then headed out to Radiance Herbs and Massage for a soak in a soaking tube, then an hour message. I left there feeling oh so good. Picked up a knish for dinner. Then walked over to Earth Magic. I love Earth Magic.

I just went in there to get one thing. Spent way more than that, and had a lovely long chat with the owner of the store. Earth Magic is like a safe haven for me. It is also the bane of my existence, I can never go in there and just get the one thing I went in there for.

Monday, I got ready for Ostara, dyed a few eggs, made sure the house was neat a tidy. Then went to a birthday party. It was great fun. There was live music, bluegrass, and lots of food. I even indulged and had half a beer.  The party girl did not want presents so when I found out about her party at the bardic event, I started to crochet her a dildo cover. In purple as that was the only color yarn I had with me. When I was done with the thing it had orange balls with jingle bells in them and fur. I will post a picture of the thing when I get more time.

Tuesday, I got a much-needed hair cut. Oh and I found out that The Once Upon a Time challenge has started. WOoohoo!!!. I am going to do Quest the First that is five books from now to June 19th. The rules are here at Stainless Steel Droppings. There is also a review site here for books that have been reviewed. Now, I just have to pick out the books that I want to read.


8 thoughts on “This Weekend, and Once Upon a Time

  1. Hey, thanks for making the start of Once Upon a Time a part of your very eventful week. Wow! The SCA event sounds really fun. I need to get out and do more stuff like Ren. Fests. I seem to miss our local one (in the fall) every year.

    Look forward to seeing what you choose to read.

    • I am looking forward to seeing what I plan on reading too. I am going in book blind this time. I seem to always miss the Ren Fests too. But, H drags me off to the SCA so I do let that count.

  2. I hope you have lots of fun reading for Once Upon a Time!

  3. I can’t wait to see what you read for OUAT VI!

    • Hi Gavin, me too. Last year I made a list, this year I am just going to pick up random books from my pile and go with it. I think I will be suprised.

  4. Once Upon a Time is a fun challenge. Happy reading!!

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