Last Week, This Week


I am not ignoring this place. Last week I worked four twelves and this week it is going to be the same. When I work like that my days off are more of a recovery time than a fun time.  The first day off I just sleep for 18 hours. Work this week was quite hard.

Because of HIPPA, I am not allowed to talk about specifics at work. That does make it hard to blog about my job. So, I am trying to put into writing something that happened last week without mentioning all the specifics that HIPPA will not let me talk about. 

This week, actually tonight, there has been a change in the air. It is five am I have the windows and doors open. The Chinook winds have started up. This for me is the start of spring. I know that Ostara is still a week away, but the winds for me are the first sign of spring. The warm, wet winds that smell like the ocean and spring. On a day that all is still when the wind picks up the trees talk to each other in a roaring sound. A mix between a hard rain, and a far away train. I love the Chinooks.


4 thoughts on “Last Week, This Week

  1. I work in a Community Mental Health Center so when I saw the word HIPPA it jumped out at me, LOL! I know exactly what you mean. I don’t post a lot about work for that same reason. Which, to be honest, might actually be a good thing! Work can be stressful enough, perhaps it is a good thing for rules that force me not to bring it into my outside of work life. 🙂

    • Hi Carl, I do think it is a good thing as well. However, there are times I would like to be able to post about something just to get it off my mind or to get a point across.

      • I completely understand that. Catharsis can be very helpful.

      • Yes, it can. It does help that I hang out with lots of nurses. We will have a conversation that goes like this. “I had a patient today INSERT HIPPA HERE that drove me nuts. This INSERT HIPPA HERE just would not listen.” It is kind of fun to do it that way.

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