Shelf Life Fantastic Stories Celebrating Bookstores



I love short stories, and I love book, and I love bookstores. Shelf Life Fantastic Stories Celebrating Bookstores Edited by Greg Etter fit the bill on all of this. Sixteen short stories that are amazing, some I liked more than others. Of course “Pixels Pixies” by Charles de Lint is one of my favorite, I just love his writing.  In the de Lint story a bookstore owner has her computer turned on in the middle of the night, and the pixies escape the internet. They have to find a way to recapture them.

The other story in there that has become one of my favorites is “I am Looking For a Book..” by Patrick Weekes. “I an Looking For a Book” is just so funny. It is the story of an evil overlord who is looking for an ultimate source of power in a big box bookstore.

I know that everyone will have their own favorite stories in a book like this. If you get a chance to find it see what ones that you like.

Silver Moon


I read Silver Moon by Catherine Lundoff for my TBR challenge. This is a book that I have wanted to read for a while. The book is about Becca Thornton a woman starting menopause who just happens to live in a town where some women of that age are chosen to become werewolves.

I thought based on the blurb on the back of the book that this was going to a very funny book. It was a very good book, with some very serious reactions. There are hunters, some bad guys, economic problems, an ex-husband who is selfish, a new love interest and of course turning into a werewolf.

Once I got use to the idea that this book is not a comedy, I really liked it. I liked the way Becca became developed as both a human and a werewolf.

The Weird Sisters


 I am not sure what to say about The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown. I loved the fact that the book was written in the first person plural. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I know that other books are written this way, but this one to me seemed to be more authentic in the though process. This is a basic coming of age story for each of the sisters.  They each have challenges to face in the act of growing up. One has to learn to let go, one has to learn to grow up, and one has to learn to accept herself.

I liked this book for all that it is not my usual read. I have been trying to read book that are not my usual choice and I am happy that I read this one. There were several things that the women had to go through that I recognized in myself. I am not going to say more than that as each person who reads a book gets a different view of any story.

If you read it let me know what you think.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks


Wow, what an interesting book. I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot for my TBR challenge. I like reading books about the medical field and the advances that come from ideas, and experiments.

This is a story for and about you, and me but more importantly about the Lacks and what Henrietta did for the world. Yes, this one woman changed the course of the world in a way that she, when she was alive would have never imagined. If you have ever know anyone getting a treatment for cancer or have had a medication that is newer than 1952 this woman has had a part of the process in creating that medication.

The story is also about a family that was left in the dark, due to medical practices that are today considered unethical. The story is about law, and ethics and what belongs to who. Who should benefit and how things have changed. This is a story well worth reading, just to find out what happened and what is happening now.


Liesl & Po


When I first saw the title of this book I wanted to read it. Po just happens to be one of my nicknames. I know that is a bad reason for wanting to read this book but for me it makes sense. Liesl & Po is written by Lauren Oliver and it is a gray book. The sun and all color have been gone from the land for 1,765 days. There are colors but they are dim and not easily distinguished from others. The story is the story of a ghost, a girl, a boy, and a pet.

This is a kids book and I did enjoy reading it. For me it was a bit slow to start but once all of the characters started to show up the book got better. The bad guys were bad, the good guys were good, and there are some people in there that make bad choices so that they can live. I am going to have to see if I like other works by this author just as much.


People who don’t know me think that I am an RN. Then they make fun of all of the things that I do in my job. They say all that I do is wipe asses, the do not have any idea that what I do for 12 solid hours is give.

I give encouragement to the ones who are nervous or afraid to get up after surgery. I give a sense of trust that I can be trusted to keep them safe to meet all of the needs that they have. I give my hands for people to hold, for people to use as they cannot use their own. I give emotional support I am the one who your anger is directed to when things do not go your way. I am the one that is there when you cry over the news that came back from the test the doctor ordered. I give my body so that your may be better. Even though I way half of what you do I can pick your 400lb body up and move it because you have gotten so big you cannot move yourself. You do not see the pain that causes me, because I am there to give all that I have for you, so that you can get better for it.

As a giver this is what I get. I get assaulted physically kicked, hit, punched, urinated upon, spat at, pinched and bitten. I get sexually assaulted and hit on then when the advances are not appreciated then anger follows. I get emotionally abused called things like a whore, slut, and accused of just being there to cause pain, torture when that is what I am not there for at all. I get things thrown at me, cups full of water or other nasty things. I get yelled at for not bringing apple juice to you fast enough, because I stopped to do CPR on someone who quit breathing.

I am expected to not show that this affects me; I am expected to smile, to be pleasant, to be helpful. Inside I am screaming, I am in pain, I am in need. I am second. I am not important. I do not count. I am forgotten.

The Sisters Brothers



So first of   I have to talk about the cover of this book. I just love it. Cool and yet creepy. Good job on that one. Secondly I have talk about the inside of the book. Like most people I love reading books about where I have been or lived even if it is in the wrong time period. I can learn something about that place that has meaning to me. When I found out that The Sisters Brothers by Patrick De Witt was written between Oregon City and San Francisco I had to read this book.

This book when it came out got a lot of hype from the blogs and that caused trepidation on my part. I am one of those people who find that most books, movies, or whatever happens to be BIG just does not do it for me. I think it is me no everyone else, but  could be wrong on that. As I hear more about this book I wanted to read it. Then one day in Powell’s I bought a copy, and it sat on my shelf gathering dust. Well, tonight I picked it up hoping for a quick read. It was quick read, most of the chapters are short just a few pages and that makes it seem to be a faster read. Then at 325 pages it took just about 3 hours to get through, it might have been shorter but I had to stop a few times. Now, on to the book.

I liked it, I thought it was a great book. It is not one that I am going to keep, but it is one that I would recommend to people I know who like westerns that are a bit strange. I am not sure how else to describe it, it is a bit strange for a western. The people that the brothers meet are an odd mixture. Some we see for only a bit of time, others are in and out of the story, and still others are just in passing. I want to say this would be almost like reading the movie Fargo, in the character department, but that is not quite right.