Liesl & Po


When I first saw the title of this book I wanted to read it. Po just happens to be one of my nicknames. I know that is a bad reason for wanting to read this book but for me it makes sense. Liesl & Po is written by Lauren Oliver and it is a gray book. The sun and all color have been gone from the land for 1,765 days. There are colors but they are dim and not easily distinguished from others. The story is the story of a ghost, a girl, a boy, and a pet.

This is a kids book and I did enjoy reading it. For me it was a bit slow to start but once all of the characters started to show up the book got better. The bad guys were bad, the good guys were good, and there are some people in there that make bad choices so that they can live. I am going to have to see if I like other works by this author just as much.


People who don’t know me think that I am an RN. Then they make fun of all of the things that I do in my job. They say all that I do is wipe asses, the do not have any idea that what I do for 12 solid hours is give.

I give encouragement to the ones who are nervous or afraid to get up after surgery. I give a sense of trust that I can be trusted to keep them safe to meet all of the needs that they have. I give my hands for people to hold, for people to use as they cannot use their own. I give emotional support I am the one who your anger is directed to when things do not go your way. I am the one that is there when you cry over the news that came back from the test the doctor ordered. I give my body so that your may be better. Even though I way half of what you do I can pick your 400lb body up and move it because you have gotten so big you cannot move yourself. You do not see the pain that causes me, because I am there to give all that I have for you, so that you can get better for it.

As a giver this is what I get. I get assaulted physically kicked, hit, punched, urinated upon, spat at, pinched and bitten. I get sexually assaulted and hit on then when the advances are not appreciated then anger follows. I get emotionally abused called things like a whore, slut, and accused of just being there to cause pain, torture when that is what I am not there for at all. I get things thrown at me, cups full of water or other nasty things. I get yelled at for not bringing apple juice to you fast enough, because I stopped to do CPR on someone who quit breathing.

I am expected to not show that this affects me; I am expected to smile, to be pleasant, to be helpful. Inside I am screaming, I am in pain, I am in need. I am second. I am not important. I do not count. I am forgotten.

The Sisters Brothers



So first of   I have to talk about the cover of this book. I just love it. Cool and yet creepy. Good job on that one. Secondly I have talk about the inside of the book. Like most people I love reading books about where I have been or lived even if it is in the wrong time period. I can learn something about that place that has meaning to me. When I found out that The Sisters Brothers by Patrick De Witt was written between Oregon City and San Francisco I had to read this book.

This book when it came out got a lot of hype from the blogs and that caused trepidation on my part. I am one of those people who find that most books, movies, or whatever happens to be BIG just does not do it for me. I think it is me no everyone else, but  could be wrong on that. As I hear more about this book I wanted to read it. Then one day in Powell’s I bought a copy, and it sat on my shelf gathering dust. Well, tonight I picked it up hoping for a quick read. It was quick read, most of the chapters are short just a few pages and that makes it seem to be a faster read. Then at 325 pages it took just about 3 hours to get through, it might have been shorter but I had to stop a few times. Now, on to the book.

I liked it, I thought it was a great book. It is not one that I am going to keep, but it is one that I would recommend to people I know who like westerns that are a bit strange. I am not sure how else to describe it, it is a bit strange for a western. The people that the brothers meet are an odd mixture. Some we see for only a bit of time, others are in and out of the story, and still others are just in passing. I want to say this would be almost like reading the movie Fargo, in the character department, but that is not quite right.


Triangle the Fire that Changed America


This book was read for my TBR challenge list and it was a great book. Triangle the Fire that Changed America by David Von Drehle is a book that had been on my pile for a few years now, and I am glad that I took the time to read it.

If you have not heard of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory go and Google it. I can wait, do do do do (yep, that is the song from Jeopardy) Done with Google? OK. Now you know what this book is about, one of the worst fire disasters in the manufacturing world. If you did not look up what the Triangle was here you go.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was an shop that manufactured women’s blouses for department stores. It was NOT at the time considered a sweatshop. The workers, mostly immigrant women supporting families worked 16 hour days 6 days a week for about $5 a week. In 1911 fire broke out on the 8th floor of the building, and it spread up to the 9th and 10th floors. Today that would not be a problem for firemen, but this was the time when skyscrapers were just starting to be built, and most ladder that firemen had only reached the 5th or 6th floor.

In the Triangle at the end of the work day, the owners would lock the doors on one side of the floor so that the workers had to exit out one door only. This was so they could be searched one of the owners was terrified of theft. The doors were locked, the day ended the fire broke out. In just about three minutes 146 people died. Think about that for just one minute 146 people, now out of those 146 people 123 of those were women. Some jumped, most of  them died from burns or smoke inhalation. The average age was 20 years old, most of the girls were 16-18, the eldest to die was 43, the youngest 14. All worked for the Triangle.

Now, after this happened in the way government moves safety regulations were put in place, sprinkler systems, fire escapes and others. This also gave unions a boost, as one of their big concerns at the time was safety. The fire also helped get a ban on sweatshops.

In 1911 a sweatshop was a home that people worked out of. Not an air well light place, think of our smallest room in the house, the bathroom. Now picture 6 people in there all working, pulling the meat out of nuts, making lace, or clothing. That was a sweatshop.

Read the book there are many forgotten heroes in this book, and many forgotten bad guys.

A Guilty Pleasure Confession


I have a guilty pleasure and this is my confession. It is not books, it is not coffee I proudly talk about those. No, my guilty pleasure is shared by millions, well I would like to think so. My guilty pleasure – - – bad movies that are so bad they are good. This is a broad spectrum of movie horror, deadly disaster, cult, and the like.

Some of them are simply amazing, the ones where the disaster involves rain it is pouring so hard that the windshield wipers cannot keep up. The outside shot of the car shows a deluge, with wait for it DRY PAVEMENT! There is always a car run with explosions and once the car wrecks it is like magic the explosions stop. There is always some kid usually someone who is a preteen or just a bit older and they somehow have something that can help save the day. It is the improbability of the science behind the disaster or what fixes the disaster that amazes me.

In the old horror movies from the 1950′s on up before there was CGI the effects are bad. Seeing the zipper on the suit of a monster, or a giant bug that the flying wires are visible on stuff like this sends me into fits of glee. I know when these movies came out they were so scary that they had warnings on them. DO NOT SEE IF YOU HAVE A HEART CONDITION was one of them. I also love the thrillers of time ago, they were not all about the blood and guts, they were about the things you never see under the bed, and that you still never see at the end of the movie. After those I cannot sleep.

This is my confession to you. Sure I will watch the latest big hit and love it, but I will also watch the low budget, badly written, bad graphics and all. Anyone want to come over and watch Poultryguist, Red Neck Zombies, or 10.5?

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Dungeons and Dragons


Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Dungeons and Dragons by Shelly Mazzanoble was read for the TBR Challenge.

This book has been on my reading list for a while, and while I said that the first book of the year that I was going to read was going to be The Name of the Rose  with my recovery I needed to start out with something not so intimidating. OMG where to start with this book, maybe a little background on  me. I started playing D&D when I was in  my late teens, I still play D&D, I love D&D. That is enough about me. On to the book.

I started reading this late a night, then in the morning I took it to the laundry mat with me. NOT a good thing for me to do that day. Why? I had ear buds in, reading the book and I was laughing so hard that I had tears rolling down my face. The other people in the laundry were all looking at me like I was possessed. In the book she starts each chapter with a conversation with her mother, and what self help book that she has sent Shelly that week. She talks  about life, going out side the comfort zone, and of course D&D.

I no longer have the book in my possession, a friend of mine has borrowed it. Then when I get it back my son wants to read it. Read this book if you like funny, D&D, memoirs, funny but do not eat or drink anything when reading it. Remember ale out the nose is not fun and it hurts.